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Forum Announcement: Read before you post
We're noticing that a lot of people are getting to know pilight. That's of course a good thing. However, inevitably, not all these users have the same experience in Linux, electronics, etc. Still, we get more and more question to offer support on those terrains. Therefore, to clarify things:

This is a voluntary / free / non-commercial / open project.
So, this comes with some benefits:
- Free
- Open

But also with some disadvantages:
- No guaranteed support
- Use at your own risk which means no warranty is given
- Due to sparse free time, no deadlines

This also means very concretely that we don't want to take any responsibility for these (named) disadvantages. We don't always have the time / liking / will to help you, because we are all volunteers. So please be patient, polite, and supportive.

This means that when you want to ask a question, we expect that you also put a bit of effort into it:
- Search before you post
- Check the manual, wiki, and blog
- Think good about the good title
- Clearly state your problem
- Use post formatting (such as [ code ] ... [ /code ] tags)

Last but not least, it's pilight - so without capitals.