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piScheduler -- A pilight extension for the daily switch plan
nice work gneandr ! Thanks for sharing!
piSchedule has been updated!
A python extension for pilight to enable scheduling for switches.

The update follows the pilight development version and is currently based on Nov.24th status
(A further update to the current pilight dev status will be ready later this month)

The revised piSchedule version also features a Browser representation of the status and setup -- to be displayed on your PC or Mobile device.

Have a look for the documentation/installation with further details:
This project is under development, so any feedback (feature set, documentation, coding) is very much welcomed. And please be constructive, it's my very first python/web project Wink
I have a problem getting my pischedule running. I have configured everything but when trying to start it, I get the following error:

root@raspberrypi:/home/pi/pischedule# python piSchedule.py piSchedule.ini
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "piSchedule.py", line 52, in <module>
    import piWeb
  File "/home/pi/pischedule/piWeb.py", line 18, in <module>
    responses = piDiscover.piDiscover("urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:pilight:1");
  File "/home/pi/pischedule/piDiscover.py", line 84, in piDiscover
    return [server, getPrefs(), error]
  File "/home/pi/pischedule/piDiscover.py", line 35, in getPrefs
    prefs['port_pilight'] = piPrefs['settings']['webserver-port']
KeyError: 'settings'

What am I doing wrong??

Another thing that I noticed today:
The documentation site does not work anymore. The link is not functioning:
Hi good to hear you "try" to work with piSchedule!

But you struggle because I'm switching to a new version 0.3 which is based on the current nightly (important: not the standard! ver.0.3 is following the new pilight config.json concept!).
It's nearly finished and hope to have it ready and all updated during the weekend.

If you're hot on it ... also I haven't posted on pilight forum try to read/follow this one:

Feel free to call back for any help

piSchedule installed on RaspberryPI together with pilight supports time scheduled switching of devices.

The new version 0.3 supports smartphones, tables and PCs running a browser for operation, logging, documentation and setup. That way piSchedule is an ideal and easy to use companion to time control switches.

Have a further look here with piSchedule Overview. It describes how it works together with pilight and has a section for installation also.

Enjoy ... and please call back for any question and if you have further ideas to improve piSchedule
Why did you open three topics about piScheduler?
... yes, it may not be that elegant. Thought about changing the subject of the previous topic(s) to indicate a major change for piSchedule .. but didn't found a possibility.

If possible feel free to "merge" the three topics with a new subject like
"piSchedule - a pilight extension for time control switches"

If there is a possibility for the topic initiator to change the topic title, please let me know.

Last point: what are the plans/time schedule for the next pilight version with the revised config.json structure to be included in the standard? Need to have changed the doc for piSchedule for that!
The new version will be released as soon as all pilight documentation is updated.

Thanks for 'merging'!

How about adding a piSchedule section on http://www.pilight.org/appsplugins/?

A technical question:
How can I trigger to start "python piSchedule.py" automatically with loading/starting pilight?
Also it would be necessary to start/stop piSchedule also with "service pilight start/stop/restart"
Any API for that?
Nope, that's only possible with systemd / upstart which Raspbian doesn't support.

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