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pilight Nano USB interface
Because I have it working with the RemoteSwitch library https://github.com/hjgode/homewatch/tree...moteSwitch

As far as I can tell these devices use the Bye-bye standby protocol.
How did you flash the firmware?
Exactly like the instructions on github

avr-gcc -Os -Wall -DF_CPU=16000000UL -mmcu=atmega328p -c -o usbto433.o usbto433.c -lm I.
avr-gcc -mmcu=atmega328p usbto433.o -o usbto433
avr-objcopy -O ihex -R .eeprom usbto433 usbto433.hex
avrdude -b 57600 -p atmega328p -c arduino -P COM5 -U flash:w:usbto433.hex

No errors reported. It looked exactly like every other flash I've done over the years.
Are you able to receive data and not send, or does both not work?
Did you check with a LED if the Nano actually sent something?
I'll check with an LED tonight. I'm not receiving, only transmitting.

Thanks, I'll report back
Please add a receiver so you can be sure you are transmitting the right codes.
Hi don't have a receiver but I have a saleae logic analyser. The pilight is indeed sending out signals Smile but sadly not the same as the working library.

I don't really know how to analyse this further without instruction but two screen grabs shows the working and then the pilight transmission. pilight is significantly shorter with smaller pulse widths

[Image: Arduino_Remote_Switch.jpg]

[Image: Pilight_usb_nano.jpg]

So am a bit confused, it's not likely to be a timing issue in the nano is it, given the clock speed is the same for you and I?

Also I'm presuming that this protocol is working for people with GPIO hardware?
The time spent analysing this is just not worth not buying a receiver.
I should say that I'm not convinced I have the mapping of the groups / unit to unit / ids correct, but the pulse width looks totally off anyway.

(04-22-2015, 11:12 PM)curlymo Wrote: The time spent analysing this is just not worth not buying a receiver.

Ok - what will I get from using the receiver?

Are you suggesting I analyze what is being put out by the working library? I don't have an original transmitter for the devices.
Found a receiver, pilight-recieve is identifying arctech_switch_old but not the unit and group codes correctly

receiver is connected to the nano.

this is L1 on and H1 off sent one after the other


I can maybe connect this up to a raspberry pi to see whether it's just an issue with the nano?

Output of pilight-raw from the working transmitter sending L1

pilight-daemon log when sending (11,0):
Quote:[Apr 23 00:31:21:911307] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: **** RAW CODE ****
[Apr 23 00:31:21:911335] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: socket write succeeded: {"action":"control","code":{"device":"LampTV","state":"off"}}

335 1005 1005 335 335 1005 1005 335 335 1005 335 1005 335 1005 1005 335 335 1005 335 1005 335 1005 335 1005 335 1005 335 1005 335 1005 335 1005 335 1005 335 1005 335 1005 1005 335 335 1005 1005 335 335 1005 335 1005 335 11390

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