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pilight Nano USB interface
Thanks for reporting. I'm running on the pilight usb nano for two weeks without problems myself Smile
i think it is intresting to share wich versions are working fine.
not sure if the uno should work but the version i have isn't working
the nano i have is working fine

Uno is untested. That's why i call it Nano not Uno Smile
a stupid question:
I know homeduino for pimatic. is comparable?
Yes, and ofc it all depends on what you consider a difference, pimatic's homeduino is written with the Arduino software and some existing libraries. The pilight usb nano is written in plain C and is all our own code. We choose this approach to keep full control over de microcontroller and to know exactly what is going on in every inch. I also allows you to flash your microcontroller without having to use the Arduino software. I would suggest testing them both and see what works best for you.
ok, thx for u answer. i will try it in the next days Smile
only 2 questions

i will run the Arduini Nano on my Raspberry Pi 2.
i found no step-by-step guide. is this here right?
- Nano on USB Port
- Transmitter and Receiver on Arduino Nano (via wire)
- Installation of pilight 7 on my Raspy (apt-get install pilight)
- Compile pilight-Nano on my Raspy according to this steps:
----#avr-gcc -Os -Wall -DF_CPU=16000000UL -mmcu=atmega328p -c -o pilight_usb_nano.o pilight_usb_nano.c -lm -I.
----#avr-gcc -mmcu=atmega328p pilight_usb_nano.o -o pilight_usb_nano
----#avr-objcopy -O ihex -R .eeprom pilight_usb_nano pilight_usb_nano.hex

In the Guide i found
pilight USB nano hardware configuration
which file is this?
After this i ve pilight on my Pi and on the Nano? How i know
which pilight i use?
Afaik, you don't need to compile the firmware yourself, if you do sudo apt-get install pilight-firmware you'll get precompiled firmware files in /etc/pilight. There are several files (not sure how many), you need to choose the one for the Arduino, which you can then flash onto the Nano using pilight-flash
The far easiest way is to install the Windows version of pilight (if you are using Windows ofc) and then run:
c:\pilight\pilight-flash -f pilight_usb_nano.hex -p COM1
Change COM1 to the correct comport. The nano is supported since pilight v7.

You can check the pilight manual on how to use the nano:

@pilino1234, the nano firmware is not yet part of the firmware package. Forgot about it Smile
(06-23-2015, 08:51 AM)curlymo Wrote: @pilino1234, the nano firmware is not yet part of the firmware package. Forgot about it Smile

Oh yeah, I just remembered that the three in there are just the different ATTiny files. It would be nice to include the Nano firmware in there too Smile
And done Smile

So to flash the pilight usb nano firmware on linux:
sudo apt-get install pilight pilight-firmware
sudo pilight-flash -f /etc/pilight/pilight_usb_nano.hex -p /dev/ttyUSB0

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