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AdHoc network with different senders
I'm about to extend my pilight setup with a second node. My primary daemon (sender & receiver) runs on 433nano via USB, while the second new one will be connected via 433gpio (sender only).
How do I have to configure the second new (433gpio) pilight daemon from hardware point of view?
Do I need to configure the local hardware section of the new daemon?
Or is that config also distributed from the primary node via uuid settings in the hardware section?

I've tried both options without success.
When configuring the hardware dedicated in the respective daemon, pilight starts, but none of switches is reacting at all. I read some forum posts about "overlapping signals".
When using uuid feature in hardware section, I receive unsupported config error and pilight does not start at all.

Any input on how to properly setup adhoc network with different hardware transceivers is appreciated.
Thanks much.
The current version doesn't properly support it due to interference issues. The next version will. I hope to release that one before the end of the year.
Thanks for info.
Let me know when you have a beta that supports it or a ticket I can subscribe to. Happy to test and report feedback.
Appreciate your work on pilight.
My test-results:
Only one PI should be configured as a 433Mhz-sender. If you use 2 PIs, each with a 433Mhz-sender (one master, one slave configuration), then maybe some switch-commands will be working sometimes, sometimes not, due to interferences. You can observe the same behaviour, if you use 2 standard senders at the same time pushing the same code on each sender, because the receiver gets frames from 2 sources at the same time and runs therfore out-of-sync (it cannot interpret the codes).

Even if you use uuid in the config file, the master pilight will send the command to each slave (it's also the case when on the slave is no hardware present). I hope a new version will honor the uuid in the config-file also for 433-devices, so that the switch-command are only sent to the pi with the given uuid.

I had some connection problems with ad-hoc network. The slaves didn't connect to master in most cases (no ssdp connection). I think this was due to multicasting network.

With the following startup-procedure (in /etc/rc.local), i don't have any problems so far:
- master: service pilight restart
- slave(s): pilight-daemon -S <ip-of master> -P <ip-port of master, normally 5001>
One issue: Initially the master has to be started and running, before any slave is started. But after that, the slaves reconnect without any problems after stopping/starting the master again.

On my slaves: I have USB-webcams, DHT22-temperature-sensors..., and some scripts/programs to start/stop devices like Philips Hue...

I am very happy to say that pilight is a very good and clean installation. My only problem is the REST API. In the meantime I use standard pilight-send (what is not as elegant as http).
I've made a quick and dirty solution for the interference issue by inserting a 600ms delay in the send function in one of the 433Mhz slaves.

With this solution at least 'most' of the switches keep functioning when one of the slaves fails.


how did you apply the delay for the slave?

Thanks for info.

(02-11-2016, 10:05 AM)mfhotdog Wrote: Hi,

how did you apply the delay for the slave?

Thanks for info.


In daemon.c, function send_code, I added a usleep(300000) before the call to hw->send.

Dirty, but effective.
A better way would be to make this a configurable parameter.

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