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EnlightMe Server and iOS & Android App
First, I wanted to thank you for making pilight! It is a great piece of software that enabled me to use my already existing devices and turn my home into a smart home!

I created my own home automation server and developed an easy to use Android & iOS app to control it.

EnlightMe uses pilight to communicate with Elro devices, PicoTTS to give you feedback through speech, RooWifi to control a Roomba vacuum cleaner and it connects to webcams as well.

It has a scheduler and an event based rule "engine". You can easily setup your rooms via the app and get push notifications based on events.

And all that is for free for people who like to experiment and tinker with their RaspberryPi.

For now, I am the only one using it. I have not done any advertising or installing it in friends homes because I first wanted to make it somehow stable and usable for someone else than me. I think, EnlightMe reached that state now.

So, if there is anybody keen to give it a try: you're welcome!

More information can be found at http://enlightme.info

Here are some videos about EnlightMe in action: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg...XhYn69wQ-w
Can we download the source code somewhere? And what about joining forces. pilight could always use more skilled developers, especially on the frontend side!
The server application is written in FreePascal and the front-end with Delphi (because of cross-compiling for Android & iOS with one codebase).

Right now the source code is not public, because I would feel embarassed showing it. ? I was developing it very fast to quickly implement all functionality that I desired to have. Now, I am starting to clean-up the code bit by bit.

It's mostly uncommented and there is a lot of spaghetti code in there to, which Pascal is also known for... Wink

I am interested in joining forces. At the end, if pilight would have had all features that I was missing in it, then I could drop my own server development. Don't get me wrong, I totally appreciate your work and I am for sure only using 5% of the festures that pilight has. It has absolutely the potential of being a great product. But, I also see the lack of a user-friendly app to leverage the potentials here. Would appreciate talking about it while having a beer with you. ?
Let's get into contact over IRC when i finished my rewrite. That will have great potential for better GUIs.
Ok, just drop me a message here or via email once you finished and find the time.

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