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Band-pass filter parts
Those interested in the new pilight band-pass filter can buy the necessary components for a total of € 12.50. You will receive an ATTiny45 flashed with the latest pilight firmware. You will receive the following components:

5x 1k resistor
1x ATTiny45 flashed with the pilight firmware
1x ATTiny45/85 socket*
1x schematic

Those who want to order a filter can pay me on my paypal account at order@pilight.org. Put your address in the description (and don't forget to mention the country you're living in and what you're ordering).

This price consists of the parts, handling, flashing and development costs, and a small donation.

Those of you who already donated at least € 12.50 can get their (first) low-pass filter for free. Please PM me with your donation details and your address.

The latest development version of pilight is able to automatically update the firmware on the ATTiny25, 45 or 85 so you just have to connect the filter and never look back.

All orders will be shipped within a week.

*This allows replacing the ATTiny without needing to resolder it. I also use it to make sure the ATTiny pins don't get bend in the mail. What the state of the pins of the socket itself will be is up to the mail delivery service.

You can also buy this filter together with the approved sender and receiver for € 22,50.

The costs for those ordering in Europe will be € 13,50 to cover the additional shipment costs, and wordwide will be € 14,50. For the full kit this will be for Europe € 23,50 and wordwide € 24,50
Great to hear there is a good filter.
I'm interested to buy it from you, i only have a question.
How about the people who earlier bought the first filter from you. This filter was flawed, thats why you made the new filter i suppose. But, the last filter also had profit in it as a donation.

Is there some kind of discount for those people as a solution to the problem that the earlier sold filter had?

p.s. keep up the good work, sounds like a good choice to use a attiny.
The first filter was meant to boost the popularity of pilight. Due to it's experimental character and the immaturity of the code i sold it that cheap. Essentially, the donations i asked for that filter was meant to cover the developmental costs such as hosting, domain names, hardware etc. So, it was just meant to make sure the whole project didn't have to cost me anymore then just time.

After this much of work i put into it and the way pilight has improved since then, i believe i deserve some real profit from this project (and also for some of the others that have boosted it). And the second reason is that we have more faith in this filter and we all believe this will be it. That's why it's more expensive and again contains a fixed amount of donation.
I'm not in charge here but I feel there shouldn't be more discount than curlymo's current offer to sent attinys to those that have donated more than 12.5 euros.
That is, the depreciated filter was the best option available at that time and it was just a service to sent them at request. It was open source hardware, all parts could be obtained from third parties.
Now there is an alternative it is again a nice service whereby the donator not only doesn't have to bother about shipping costs from various sellers but also doesn't have to setup the necessary software.
Just my thoughts.

Taptalked u see .. əəs n pəʞlɐʇdɐʇ
Quick question: What pins will this new filter require? Any special pins, like the serial etc., to be used?
5v or 3.3v
Any GPIO for input

Optional (for automatic firmware updating):
GPIO 24 Reset
What are the plans so non-NL users can participate .. buy from you .. or build by ourselve?
Waiting for people to become resellers or build by yourself.

Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg are discussable, however sending will be without warranty. So if the border control refuses the packages you're out of luck and won't receive a refund. That's why i'm looking for resellers.

If you find that acceptable, the price will be 13,50 to adjust for international shipping.
> or build by yourself.
.. should not be the problem .. only need the schematic/parts details.
@Curlymo: Shouldn't the name be "Pre-Processor" in stead of "Low-pass filter"?

@Zatta: I totally agree!

For everyone who does not live in the Netherlands: This schematic is very easy to build with parts that are commonly available. In the near future, when connected to the RPi, the programming is done by pilight.
A small donation to the project would even-though be much appreciated!

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