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Illumina, cannot obtain connection
Hi All,

Since recently I cannot connect Illumina to the pilight server (pilight 7.0 stable on raspbian jessie). Using android 7.0 on a Samsung S6. Can the upgrade to Android 7.0 have to do with it?

Tried to rebuild the Illumina app with more recent libs, to no avail, produces the same error. My app development knowledge is unfortunately insufficient to debug.

When entering the correct server and port:
The app says in Dutch: "Kan niet met pilight verbinden". (cannot connect to pilight)
When entering a wrong port:
The app says: "Kan niet verbinden! Controleer je server en/of poortinstelling(en)"
(Cannot connect! Check server and/or port configuration(s)) and displays as if page is turned.

Conclusion: the app notices the correct port and server, because it gives a different error message and behaviour. But something deeper goes wrong.

Anybody an idea what this may be?
Can you see anything in the debug output of the pilight daemon (not Illumina)? Run pilight like this:
sudo pilight-daemon -D
This may be the same problem I have. Did you recently add stuff to your config? Illumina stopped working for me after adding several devices and rules. It seems that Illumina cannot handle a config bigger than around 20 Kbyte without any whitespace.

I reported this issue, but unfortunately it has not been fixed.
See here
For now, the pilight debug does not show anything different. I will reduce the config size as suggested by Niek tomorrow.
Just As Niek found a reduction of the config.json helped.
For those that can do more with the illumina app, the handshake fails when the pilight config.json file that was read goes a bit above 29370bits. This not my expertise, I tried to fiddle with the time-outs but that did not do the trick.

I reduced my file by translating the program variables in the pilight config.json to extremely small (a1..a99 or so).

So my hope is that someone with better illumina knowledge can find out why this handshake error occurs. If I know what to change I can do the rest.

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