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clouds? on Weather Underground api

I'am busy to control my sun-screens with pilight. To move the screens up and down was a paece of cake.

The seconde thingh what i want is that the screens only go down when the sun is there. To make this real i use the Weather Underground api now i mis the parameter clouds into it.

Do i mis somthing? or can i add this parameter?
Which Weather Underground parameter are you refering to?

I made an extended wunderground protocol (I called it wunderful) that may offer the parameter you need. You can look here for a description.

Thanks for this protocol.

Iam search for a long time how to install this on my windows 7 PC Confused
Do you have any idea? is there a manual?

Kind regards, Sjuul
I have no experience with pilight under Windows myself. Maybe this wiki page can help you.

Long time ago you post a reply to my question.
During my vacation i install Linux (Ubunto) to my PC. Plight is running and building correct.

I try to install the wunderfull protocol with the installation shell.
Bud it won't work. Below some errors during the running the shell.

My question is what do i wrong?

pilight-daemon: ERROR: config device #2 "ws", invalid protocol

Installation script for pilight addons

You are logged in as user: root
Current directory is: /home/sd/pilight

Stop the pilight service....
[ ok ] Stopping pilight (via systemctl): pilight.service.
Download source code....
Cloning into 'pilight-addons'...
remote: Counting objects: 461, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (194/194), done.
remote: Total 461 (delta 262), reused 461 (delta 262), pack-reused 0
Receiving objects: 100% (461/461), 77.16 KiB | 0 bytes/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (262/262), done.
Checking connectivity... done.
Install additional protocol(s):

- webswitch
- wunderful
- generic_counter

/home/sd/Documents/pilight-addons-install.sh: 60: read: Illegal option -n

/home/sd/Documents/pilight-addons-install.sh: 62: /home/sd/Documents/pilight-addons-install.sh: [[: not found
Install additional functions(s):


/home/sd/Documents/pilight-addons-install.sh: 85: read: Illegal option -n

/home/sd/Documents/pilight-addons-install.sh: 87: /home/sd/Documents/pilight-addons-install.sh: [[: not found
Install additional action(s):

- count
- write
- http

/home/sd/Documents/pilight-addons-install.sh: 109: read: Illegal option -n

/home/sd/Documents/pilight-addons-install.sh: 111: /home/sd/Documents/pilight-addons-install.sh: [[: not found
/home/sd/Documents/pilight-addons-install.sh: 130: read: Illegal option -n

/home/sd/Documents/pilight-addons-install.sh: 132: /home/sd/Documents/pilight-addons-install.sh: [[: not found
Restart pilight....
[ ok ] Starting pilight (via systemctl): pilight.service.

Installation completed without errors

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