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[Android] AndPiLi
Hi Ted, as you might have noticed, I have uploaded an other pilight app.

The sources are available so you can take a look at how I've implemented ssdp.


calls at line 234


Good luck.

Taptalked u see .. əəs n pəʞlɐʇdɐʇ
Thanks Zatta, but I can't get that code to work either, so I think there's something wrong with my pilight installation.
Latest development version of pilight doesn't compile now, so I'll try again later this week.

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AndPiLi developer
I already fixed it.
Good news! I've got SSDP working, I think there was something wrong with my pilight installation.

I've managed to get the latest development working again, created a pull request wich curlymo accepted within an half hour (fast!), so now I can continue working on implementing SSDP Smile

I've also pushed the latest beta version into production, since I've heard or seen no problems. Users on the 8 December release can expect an update soon.

@Zatta thanks for your help, your code didn't work also, which made searching for the problem easier Smile
AndPiLi developer
Just out of curiosity, how many active installs do you have?

Taptalked u see .. əəs n pəʞlɐʇdɐʇ
Remember that if you use pilight provided source code (examples), you also need to make your code open source.
@Zatta Stats from 14th January: 106 active installs (and increasing every day). I probably should look for a German translator, one third of the users is German. Almost half of the users is Dutch speaking. About 20% is using Android in English.

@curlymo I know Smile So far I wrote everything myself, and used only the SSDP class from Zatta for testing SSDP. I only used the examples as documentation.
AndPiLi developer
As far as i know Zatta's implementation was based on pilight OSS code so the same count for his code as well. So, because Zatta's code should be OSS, yours should be as well.
Yes, but I don't use Zatta's code, exactly for this reason. The only reason I temporarily used it is for testing purposes and debugging why my ssdp implementation didn't work.

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AndPiLi developer
New version, also in Play store for beta testers.

Implemented SSDP, and other small fixes.

Download link
AndPiLi developer

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