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Web GUI working, pilight-send not for elro_he
Hi guys,

I'm using pilight to switch my lights which are connected with 433 MHz devices. I found the protocols, ids, units and systemcodes using pilight-receive. All devices are working if I switch them in the web GUI. But the devices using the elro_he protocol are not working if I use pilight-send on the command line. One example:

"lichtfenster": {
        "name": "Licht Fenster",
        "protocol": [ "elro_he" ],
        "id": [{
                "systemcode": 15,
                "unitcode": 1
        "state": "on"

The equivalent pilight-send command should be:

pilight-send -p elro_he -s 15 -u 1 -t

But the pilight-send command is not working. Nothing happens, doesn't matter if I try to switch it on (-t) or off (-f). There is no error thrown, the command just silently runs and does nothing. I have another device which uses the kaku_switch_old protocol, and this works using pilight-send.

Do I need to use another protocol? Is there another needed option for the pilight-send command?

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Web GUI working, pilight-send not for elro_he - by sensorback - 02-05-2015, 08:09 PM

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