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Ideas for replacement of datetime protocol
Will have a look into it. The more i am testing the two branches, the more i am getting convinced, that the rewrite branch is revealing some design issues that are present in development as well.

Originally I thought that some failures that i am monitoring in the rewrite branch were unique to rewrite, but i have to change that opinion, it happens less often on development as well.
Can you give me a hint where to start looking into it?

It is the same issue as discussed before:
- A timebased rule changes the state of a device (ZeitSchaltUhr).
The fact that the state of this device has changed is supposed to change the state of 4 other physical devices (and display it on the GUI) as well, but from time to time it does not.
The main difference:
- Whenever I change the state of ZeitSchaltuhr on the WEBGUI, all 4 physical devices are supposed to change their state (there should be no difference whether the state change is triggered by a rule or via the GUI), and they do so on development (but typically not on rewrite)
- Whenever the same state change of ZeitSchaltUhr is triggered by a rule, not all rules that are supposed to "act" will do so, only a subset does on development (they typically do not trigger any resonse on rewrite).

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