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Ideas for replacement of datetime protocol
This doesn't look bad. A few first thoughts though:

Rules for random weekdays (now 0 through 6) will become complicated when working with day names.

IF datetime.weekday == RANDOM(0,6) THEN...

Or doing things only during workingdays:

IF datetime.weekday > 1 THEN...

Triggering rules at given intervals too (eg. once every 10 minutes):

IF (datetime.minute % 10) == 0 THEN...

I have no doubt that your idea can be extended to cater for things like this.

I will scan the time based rules I actually am using now and see how those could be rewritten based on your idea. I  fear that such rules will become quite a bit longer than they already are are now.

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RE: Ideas for replacement of datetime protocol - by Niek - 07-03-2018, 02:16 PM

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