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HowTo Move your 3rd party code code from development to rewrite
3rd party development is normally done in forked/cloned repository and in an individual branch, called for example "new_protocol". All those branches are supposed to be based on development. Once the software is ready, a pull request is issued to the maintainers of the main pilight repository and after a review accepted and merged into the corresponding branch development respectivly into rewrite

In order to re-apply work done from the development branch to the rewrite branch, on your local repository all that needs to be done is to rebase that branch on rewrite.

Step 1: Checkout "new_protocol": git checkout new_protocol
Step 2: Rebase the branch on rewrite: git rebase rewrite

If conflicts occur, they need to get fixed before the "git rebase" command can be completed.

If you do simultaneous development on both branches, use git cherry-pick.

If git is traversing back thru changes others, you may want to apply individual changes only, use "git format-patch" to check the patches you want to apply only (at the time of this writing, the zwave modification on development, which i had already included in my own local development branch, that were giving me some headaches).

I have discussed a complete development cycle for the development branch and the rewrite branch on a local repository in this thread..

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