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[Solved] dimmer protocol kaku_dimmer does not react on dimmervalue
Is there any change in the kaku_dimmer protocol?
I'm using latest nightly v7.0-214-g847bac2
Since update to rewrite backports I can't dim anymore to a specific dimmervalue using protocol kaku_dimmer.
Switching does work.
I'm using Intertechno ITL-250.
Sending ON-Code from state off is turning on the light from brightest value down to last used dimlevel (which is correct behaviour).
If I then send a new dimmervalue the receiver starts looping from bright to dark (which means it received a second ON-Code) instead of going to the dimlevel sent with pilight-send.
The dimlevel seems to be completely ignored by the protocoll code pilight sends (at least the receicer do not recognize it and thinks it's just another ON).
Any idea what could cause this?

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[Solved] dimmer protocol kaku_dimmer does not react on dimmervalue - by apartmedia - 09-02-2017, 10:58 AM

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