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arctech_contact protocol missing open/close signals
A month or so ago my kaku contact sensors, working with the arctech_contact protocol, started to behave unreliably. Because they had been working quite well before, I first assumed that weak batteries were responsible for it, but with fresh batteries the problem persisted.

I searched the forum for posts reporting the same behaviour, but didn't find any.

Then I investigated the pulsetrains sent by the sensors and found that most of the time the duration of the startpulse was a bit less than the minimum required by the archtech_contact protocol (8*2*300=2400), while the endpulse was always within the defined range:
[ Dec 23 13:57:41:61798] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=2348, endpulse=10386, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 13:57:41:224963] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=1800, endpulse=10341, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 13:57:41:796007] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=2243, endpulse=10415, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 13:57:41:959209] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=2748, endpulse=10405, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 13:57:42:122250] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=2376, endpulse=10404, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 13:57:42:448543] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=2341, endpulse=10410, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 13:57:42:693153] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=2374, endpulse=10414, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 14:27:25:230562] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=2297, endpulse=10397, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 14:27:25:500892] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=1747, endpulse=10407, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 14:27:25:860824] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=2195, endpulse=10354, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 14:27:26:311124] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=2324, endpulse=10370, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 14:27:26:491314] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=2231, endpulse=10363, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 14:27:26:671365] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=2285, endpulse=10376, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 14:27:26:851557] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=2371, endpulse=10406, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 14:27:27:301823] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=2340, endpulse=10352, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 14:27:27:481945] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=2223, endpulse=10373, PULSE_DIV=34
[Dec 23 14:27:27:662097] pilight-daemon: INFO: startpulse=2281, endpulse=10368, PULSE_DIV=34

For testing I took one of the sensors from its place at the door to my workplace and after a while the response started to get better. 

I came to the conclusion that the ambient temperature somehow influences the duration of the start pulse of the sensor (shorter at low temperatures).  The fact that the sensors are mounted in places (on doors and windows) becoming colder when it is cold outside may explain why they worked well before and stopped doing that recently. 

I then modified the check for the start pulse length:

arctech_contact_switch->raw[1] >= AVG_PULSE_LENGTH*(PULSE_MULTIPLIER*2))


arctech_contact_switch->raw[1] >= AVG_PULSE_LENGTH*(PULSE_MULTIPLIER*1.9))

It now allows start pulses with a duration above 2280 instead of 2400, and now all of my sensors are all working well again. I don't know however if the pulse duration may even get less if it starts freezing. I will wait and see.

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