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Connection lost, trying to reconnect — loop
Latest nightly does not switch my sockets and dimmers anymore (tested with intertechno sockets).
Debug message tells that connection to main pilight-daemon lost and goes into an infinite reconnection loop.
Switching does nothing neither via Web GUI nore pilight-control 

pilight-control -S -P 5000 -d light_ceiling_corridor -s on
does nothing (of course the device exists).

pilight-daemon version v8.1.4-nightly-6bc8511a

Debug message says:
pilight-daemon: DEBUG: broadcasted: {"origin":"receiver","protocol":"datetime","message":{"longitude":xx.xxxxxx,"latitude":xx.xxxxxx,"year":2019,"month":3,"day":13,"weekday":4,"hour":22,"minute":45,"second":55,"dst":0},"uuid":"0000-b8-27-eb-0f8ee3"}
pilight-daemon: ERROR: could not connect to pilight-daemon
pilight-daemon: NOTICE: connection to main pilight daemon lost
pilight-daemon: NOTICE: trying to reconnect...
Could any code change in the latest nightly causes this?

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Connection lost, trying to reconnect — loop - by apartmedia - 03-13-2019, 11:16 PM

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