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[Solved] Quigg GT-1000 leaving transmitter ON
Hi everyone,

I'm using the Quigg GT-1000 protocol with my Brennenstuhl outlet switches. I wanted to use 2 Raspis to improve coverage but actually saw performance decreasing when both were enabled. Using an RF receiver and checking the spectrum I saw something odd: Whenever I switched one of the Brennenstuhl outlets, the transmitter would keep transmitting its tone signal after the sequence was done (no matter which configuration, no matter if "on" or "off" state were switched). I have some other switches I'm talking to using the cogex / archtech_switch_old protocol, this one disables the TX after the sequence is done.

I have taken some time to look into the protocols and understand how the raw codes are generated. I do not yet understand, what these codes actually mean. They are pretty much just an array of numbers and the protocol is just pulses/OOK on the air so I could imagine something like the first number tells you how long the ON pulse shall be, followed by an OFF pulse of the length given by the second number and the 3rd number is again an ON pulse and so on. Could anyone either confirm or point me to the code, where the raw[] values are being applied? If my assumption were true then that might already explain the behavior of the Quigg GT-1000 as the RAW_LENGTH (151) is an odd number which means the pulse train starts with an ON and ends with an ON pulse and may never be switched off. In that case an easy fix might be to put a small OFF pulse at the end just to make sure the transmitter is disabled after the event has gone. Also a general implementation of a final switch off after each event might make sense.

The protocol implementation can be found here:

I'll continue digging through the code and trying to understand how the raw[] values are being applied to the transmitter but any quick explanation, confirmation of my assumptions or pointing me towards the right code would probably make this way more efficient.


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