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Best parts for receive signals with pilight

I follow the wiki and test some receivers. Now I have the "Expensive" Aurel ones and can't reach the 30m that are tested by curlymo. (Receiver wiki without an antenna)

With different type of antenna the best distance is ~ 5m with a 17cm straight metal pin.

What I see is a lot of numbers running on the screen when I start the pilight-raw mode without pressing any sender. Also the CPU is loaded with 15% only with pilight.

Question 1: What is the best Antenna design? Streight 17cm pin or any other small thing...

Question 2: How to prevent flooting the GPIO with mass of numbers? Read some threads about hardware filters. Are there any shematics available so I can build my own?

Question 3: I used a humble Pi board to put the sender/receiver and pegel converter on. Are there enough peoples that have interest in a "pilight PI shield" with all needed parts on it like Aurel receiver/ cheep sender / pegel converter / low pass filter as ATTiny?

BTW: Big thanks goes to curlymo.

Regars Peter

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Best parts for receive signals with pilight - by Pitter2014 - 03-11-2014, 09:44 PM

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