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Sending and receiving at the same time

I'm experiencing issues with sending and receiving commands at the same time.

I have a own written python program with a connection to pilight.
I have a door sensor on my front door. When i open the door, the light should turn on.

What it does, it reads the socket connection with pilight. When i receive the front door sensor, i use os.system() to execute the pilight-send command.

This exact command works when i use it by hand, but not when it's executed automatically.

If i use a delay, like 1 second or more. Then it's working most of the time...

If i monitor pilight-receive, i don't even see a line with origin: sender. Only receiver notes.

So, what's up with this. Is sending not possible while receiving?
It is, i use this myself. Can you post the script.
Helloooo geerttttt, where is the script?


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