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Im offering my help to the community.

I´m offering my help to the community.

Not sure where to start, but I can do many things.
I have experience from translating, marketing, sales, design, testing, UI.

well I´m free to use and ready to start! Smile

Maybe i could start looking at translations to earn som trust?

Please elaborate.
Not sure what I should elaborate actually.
I believe I can do many things for the project.
I could start by translating the system to Norwegian, write an article on how to translate for others to apply on, and organize the work.

Besides there is no framework for translation...

I meant, you say you can do all sorts of things. But i hope you offered help because you saw the need for it in certain areas. Tell me more about your ideas.
Let me do some research first and I´ll get back to it. There are two guys I want to discuss this with first ( hardware/software ). We had this idea before you see Smile

How is the work and the pilight organized today? Are there any roadmaps?
All depends on what you have to offer.
What is depending on what I have to offer?
All i´m really trying on is to become a part of, and contribute on what i believe to be a open source community based system? I want this system out there. I love the opensource idea and do believe that it play a important role in our society. And i love the idea of pilight!

In Norway there is a system called Sensio that´s priced 2000 usd for regular buyers. Then programming is extra and only sertified people can install it. For most people its 4-5 grand before they even get started.

Next there is Ip-symcon.de that offer a 499Eur solution ( pro edit ), that only run on a windows based machine. all docs are in german, you must have a windows pc. Not a good solution. But software is fine!

Im want to take a closer look at funding, hardware development and managing and marketing.

Let me talk to my friends and get back to you. Fair?
You ask me for roadmaps, i say i never had to make them because i develop individually.
You tell me you can design, but didn't tell what you want to design.
You say your friend can program, but didn't say in what language and how they can contribute.
Okay then I apologize.
My friend work on hardware development, but Im not sure about what languages he does.
We had an idea of making something like pilight 1-1,5 year ago, so I cant tell if he is still motivated before I get a chance of talking to him.
As for roadmap I think its a great way of engaging a community. But now that I understand you do this on a individual basis I understand more.

Besides coding C, what can I do for you? How can I help you best to make this grow into the future? Smile
For what i can use help is:
- Documentation / blog writers.
- App developers.
- GUI designers.
- webGUI developers.

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