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[Fully Supported] Elro 800 Series
have a look here and search for elro workaround.

I have tried both the settings of both Thomy and of Troccolo. With both settings I can connect to the HE875, but I can only turn the switch to on and not to off. Unfortunately I do not have a receiver in my kit to do some testing or debugging. But Any idea of what is going wrong here?

Thank you for the help.

Hi lcd4linux
Quote:lcd4linux wrote
have a look here and search for elro workaround.
My case is different:
as I wrote in my post # 63 I do not own a remote control, so I can neither set switches nor use pilight-receive.
I simply created an elro_800_switch device with systemcode and unitcode according to my needs and relevant gui settings, then I learned the HE875 with the pilight GUI (switching the relevant button on and off two or three times).
Yesterday I installed another HE875 with the same procedure and it works very well.
it is almost the same logic without the part with the remote.

Might be useful to add a short extra note anyway, to make it easier for future users.

I am using the elro_800_switch protocol for 2 PIs with adhoc and 2 transmitters, one for each PI.
If sending with both transmitters the switches doesn't react, sending with only one is working.

For detailed information see this thread.

@tobid, as i said in the other topic. This is due to the interference instead as you noted yourself.

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