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[Done] backups during (re)installation

I just saw, that you do not check for existing .bak files in the pilight folder /etc/pilight/
This results in a load of files which get created every update:
pi@raspberrypi ~ $ ls /etc/pilight/
config.json        hardware.json.bak.~1~  hardware.json-default  settings.json.bak.~1~  settings.json-default
hardware.json      hardware.json.bak.~2~  settings.json          settings.json.bak.~2~  tzdata.json
hardware.json.bak  hardware.json.bak.~3~  settings.json.bak      settings.json.bak.~3~
Additionally, it makes the restoring more difficult Wink
So, I think it's enough if you create only one backup (which is then the correct one)

best regards
I know the issue, but consider this case. You install pilight. A backup is made of your configuration. However, for some reason, you install pilight again. Then your original configuration is gone.
good point!

What about comparing the md5 of the backup with the default one? In case of different checksum, no backups get's generated.

best regards
New deb packages will implement this feature.

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