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weatherstation sensor
Hi all. Can someone please tell me if the logilink ws0001 sensor work? I will buy a sensor but i dont know which is the best.

Maybe i will buy someones from conrad. But i dont know wich is the right one.

Teknihall webshop isnt available in cause of maintain there website.

Don't know, but we can try to add support.
(06-22-2014, 08:01 PM)p4co86 Wrote: Hi all. Can someone please tell me if the logilink ws0001 sensor work?

Have a look here: http://wiki.pilight.org/doku.php/devices, works with three channel protocol.

ok thanks.

that means battery does not work 100% !?

my question is wich one should i buy, or wich is the best.

This One works also with threechannel ?

Depends on what you want. Temperature or also humidity?
temperature and humidity
Then the conrad sensor i use isn't sufficient.
so wich sensor works with temp? temp is more important for me but humidity will also be nice to have.
(06-23-2014, 10:28 AM)p4co86 Wrote: ok thanks.

that means battery does not work 100 Prozent !?

The sensor sends temperature, humidity and battery. I didn't tested a low battery, but GUI shows everything at all.

Hi everybody!

We have 4 of those LogiLink WS0001 sensors, doing fine for some weeks with temp, humidity and battery status apparently up and running. Two are located indoors, two outdoors. Now, as the temperatures fall below 0°C we get strange readings from outdoor, such as 100.5°C or 97.5°C. Thought that the sensor might simply calculate (100+actual temp) when the tempature falls below 0°c, but that does not make sense for the 100.5°C reading, huh?

Any idea how to get meaningful readings at winter time? Blush

Merry Christmas everybody!


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