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433mhz wireless sensor for dormer window

I'm looking for wireless 433mhz sensors for my dormer windows.
I "simply" want to check if they're open or closed.
The windows look like this: [Image: 41-qkH%2BNwvL.jpg]

Any ideas?

Depends where you live, the following devices should be available throughout Europe:
Germany: Intertechno ITM-100
Netherland: AMST-606
They are compatible with the arctech_switch protocol (intertechno).
i bought an ITM-100 and now I try to integrate it in my config.
pilight-receive said it is an arctech_switch_old protocol.
The daemon said, that he don't know this protocol, so I tried to load it like described here: https://wiki.pilight.org/doku.php/arctech_switch_old
but I got an error message. The web said I have to use the development version of pilight. So I tried to switch to pilight development version, but I got an error message:
Fehl https://apt.pilight.org development/main armhf Packages
The requested URL returned error: 404
So I switch to nightly. That works (pilight-daemon version v7.0-59-g6f3a679 is it right?). When I tried to install the arctech_switch_old protocol, it failed with the message:
pilight-protocol-arctech-switch-old : Hängt ab von: pilight (>= 6.0) soll aber nicht installiert werden
in english: depends on pilight (>= 6.0) but shall not be installed (I hope this translation is correct)
I have no idea what to try next. Can anybody help me?
All protocols are bundled with the pilight releases, you don't need to install them separately.

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