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attiny85+433mhz receiver+led (lpd6803 ws2801)
Hello all,

This weekend I was thinking of creating a possibility to use an attiny85 in combination with a 433mhz receiver (the cheap ones from ebay) to drive some leds.

Now I found the code for digital adressable leds (from adafruit) without the SPI (SPI needs to be deleted still). And tinykakureceiver to receive signals on the attiny85.

Those two need to be combined and since I don't have any knowledge about programming (except adjusting but nothing from starting from scratch), maybe some of you guys already have done this and would be interested in sharing their code for the attiny to do this.

Don't think anyone (here) has done it already. There are alot references for programming an attiny and like you said yourself, try to combine more examples...it's fun.
Maybe posting your progress gets others triggered to help you out Wink

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