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Change up/down output screen switch
I'm very new to the pilight scene. I am up to switch from the REV IComfort to Intertechno with pilight.

Well, I have a simple question but maybe in it's core it may be difficult.
I have connected an Intertechno ITL500 to my screen. The switch is operated by a logitech harmony one remote with the marmitek pyramid and works fine. Now I have connected the screen switch with pilight with this code :

    "living": {
        "name": "Wohnzimmer",
        "leinwand": {
            "name": "Leinwand",
            "protocol": [ "kaku_screen_old" ],
            "id": [{
                "id": 10,
                "unit": 0
            "state": "up"

This also works fine except that the down button in the web interface lifts the screen up and vice versa.
Now my question is how to switch this. Sure, the first thought would be to switch the motor control cables at the itl500 directly. But there's the main problem - unfortunately I have no direct access to the switch anymore ...

So is there a possibility to change the up/down output on the switch via software? If it's too tricky, forget about it. Then I will live with it to press up on the webinterface to scroll down the screen.


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