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433mhz USB Sender/Receiver
Anybody knows a good (cheap?) Sender/Receiver for USB which can be used with pilight?

I would like to extend the area covered by pilight with a second Sender/Receiver unit on my 24/7 pc.
If there is any other cheap option, except running a second pi, I would greatly appreciate the hint Wink


Edit: Could you use this one: http://shop.busware.de/product_info.php/...ucts_id/44 ?
It need a firmware to pre process the signals - does pilight support this?
No USB devices are yet supported. We had an idea of doing this with an Arduino Nano, but development halted on that.
So the only option will be a full raspberry pi?
Or could you use something like this:
It could but i never tested it so it isn't supported yet. You can either help me implement it or donate one so i can help you (no assurances).
okay I think working on the Antenna Thread is the better option for me Smile
I was about to create a new thread, and then found this one, so attaching my question here, as it's exactly the same. I guess things about USB senders and receivers changed since the last post here.

As a couple of friends like my home automation, I' m looking for a plug and play USB device (no soldering or breadboards). Will pilight work with one of these transceivers?

JeeLink (v3c): http://www.digitalsmarties.net/products/jeelink
RFXtrx433E: http://www.rfxcom.com/epages/78165469.sf...ucts/14103
No, one of pilight's goal was to make home automation as cheap as possible. That means using cheap hardware interfaces with strong software. In case of the RFXcomm. All logic is implemented in the device itself instead of in the software. That's one of the reasons they sell it for € 100. It's also the reason we don't support it because it takes all control away from pilight.
Ok, I understand - that's exactly my opinion about home automation as it gets expensive really fast if you want many switches and sensors. I only wanted to make the basic hardware things as easy as possible.

The JeeLink is cheaper, but also not supported I guess?
Then the Arduino Nano with the terminal adapter is the easiest way to go (at least no soldering, just finding the right ports and screwing the contacts in)?

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