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[Fully Supported] KlikAanKlikUit Motion Sensor
unfortunally still the same message. ;-(
first i did: apt-get update
sencond: apt-get install pilight-protocol-arctech-motion

thanks for your fast reply Ruud
You need to enable the nightly repository as described on the wiki.
Thanks :-)
Today I bought a KAKU motion detector AWST-6000 assuming that it was functioning correctly with pilight as other KAKU devices do very well with pilight.
But the KAKU motion detector did not function.

Fortunately I found on this thread that the Artech motion protocol is being implemented.

I also tried the command “sudo apt-get install arctech-motion”, but I got the same result as Ruud described.

I hope that this problem will be fixed soon, because I like the KAKU set with pilight very much.

Thanks in advance.
If you read the whole topic, you'd read that the final (correct) command worked for ruud.
The "nighty build" version operates correctly with AWST-6000. However it took me some time to reconfigure the new config.json.

Now next problem comes up. I think the API has been changed.
The JSON commands as described in URL http://wiki.pilight.org/doku.php/api do not function any more.
The simple command { "message": "client sender" } does not respond with { "message": "accept client" }

Has the API been changed? Where can I find the new documentation?
All info about the nightly code can be found here: http://www.pilight.org/nightly
Thanks, I found the new API.
I adapt my code and it functions correct.

I have bought a new pir sensor from the brand KaKu. It's a AWST-6000. I paired it with my light and whenever I move my hand in front of the pir sensor, it activates the light.

For some reason I can't detect the signals of this device. It sends them fine however pilight-debug and other commands are not detecting it. I tried several tools for sniffing the signal however no luck so far.

Yesterday, I have bought AWST-8800 (click) and it's behaviour is exactly the same. pilight-debug does not show any information sent by this device. Does these devices perhaps use a new protocol? If that's the case then the raw data should be shown on the screen.
  • They are 433MHz devices
  • I am using the cheap rf ebay-set.
  • The wiring is correct, I can detect other devices.
  • I don't think it's a range issue. The sensor is near the receiver, plus the receiver has an antenna.
  • I tried placing new batteries

Any ideas what I can try?
Please post pilight-raw output as soon as it should sent.

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