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Roadmap / Flowchart
To those who are wondering why some feature requests stay open so long, i made a small slowchart.

[Image: flowchart.jpg]

- Eventing: Pretty much done
- Config / Settings rewrite: Done.
- Doorbell ... Sensors: Done
- Database: Holding
- Energylogger: Holding
- Burgarly System: Holding

As you can see, separate modules are pretty much done. All work is currently put in properly integrating all separate pieces.
Oke, so we need to rethink config- settings` (or database integration) or are you already started that?
Searched the forum for some discussion on this.
How can users assist you with this 'config rewrite' ?
The best bit to start with is the database integration. One idea is to transform the current config.c file into a modular approach. So we can have the current json storage, but also mysql, sqlite, postgresql etc.

This is the config rewrite thread:
I still do think that you should have a close look at MongoDB

It's a NoSQL database which is using JSON objects.. totally in line with pilight!!!
Think a modular approach is the ideal world, but maybe beginning with a "pilight preferred database" ? While creating this 'preferred database' it can be made modular in the best way possible before setting up and trying another database ?
I'm not a programmer but I can imaging to create something in small steps and having the big picture always in mind before going to the second step.

Therefor, transforming config.c into a (more) modular way will be the initial first step, but out of my league regarding programming skills.

I do can ask some colleagues that are programmers to give their opinion for what it's worth...and maybe they get interested to join Wink
I can always create the basic modular infrastructure for this. Is not that difficult. As long as others are willing to create the modules.
Feedback on the new config structure (as currently implemented) can be given here:

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