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[iOS] pilightControl
pilightControl for pilight nightly is still under development.
Will be out next month
@chris92, what would you feel for creating the pilight website? I saw your own website and i liked it Smile
thanks a lot Smile

At the moment I'am very busy learning for my final exams...
but when i finished and got some free time I will write you a PM
Any updates on this project? pilightControl is unable to find my raspberry and when I fill in the IP-address and port 5000 (also in the config.json) it can't connect/"Lost connection" is shown.
(12-04-2015, 10:57 AM)Prutsky Wrote: Any updates on this project? pilightControl is unable to find my raspberry and when I fill in the IP-address and port 5000 (also in the config.json) it can't connect/"Lost connection" is shown.

can you send me your config.json to engelhardt.development@t-online.de .
So i can have a look
My pilightControl is working nicely after adding all my devices to the group "all" (mobile did work but that stopped them from being shown in the webgui). I should have read the FAQ a little bit earlier. Tongue

I am really looking forward to any further development. Smile
Hi, i just bought and tested the app, but it won`t work. It cannot find the Raspi. Any idea? Thanks JJ

I have two problems with pilightControll.

The App crashes many times a day. Mostly when the App is in the Background and I want to start again. The only thing that helps is to kill pilightControll in Multitask and start again.

If I changes anything in the pilight config.json (adding a new device or change name...), pilightControl doesn't recognized this. And I have to "Reparse or Delete Config" in the Settings.

iPhone 6 with iOS 9.3.2

Thx a lot.
Hey chris92,

it has been a while since the last post regarding your app.
Up to today I used the app pretty much every day to control my home. Tonight I updated pilight to the new version 8. After that the connection between the app and pilight is a bit instable. The automatic way of finding the raspberry leads to a connection, but the port is far away from the one set in the config.json. By adding that port manually the connection gets lost.
Also the widged does not work at all anymore...

Do you have any ideas what to do about that?

Thanks for your help and the app in the first place ;-)
at first I want to apologize that I stopped developing pilightControl for about 2 years or so. Since then I've received a lot of requests if I can resubmit the application. It's nice to see that my application is still that appreciated. 
Due to that I decided to rewrite the whole application from scratch and I'am proud to say that the new application is nearly finished and will be much better than the old one. 

Just to mention some new feature:
- Switch your lights with Siri
- Switch your lights directly from the Apple shortcuts app, which gives us the opportunity to switch lights in shortcuts and thus add it also to the today widget
- The application learns (with the help of Siri) when and where you use the application and makes suggestions to switch lights already in the home screen
- No more setup, the application checks for running pilight services and auto connects (you even don't have ti setup a port)
- Settings will be saved to pilight registry instead of the app, so every device uses the same settings (like icon, favorites and so on)
- Support for the newest pilight versions
- At the moment the app will only supports pilight, but later on we will expand it to support more services like Phillips Hue and so on

So for now, until the app will be released, it would be nice to have some beta testers. 
If someone is interested in, send me a PM.

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