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433Mhz Superheterodyne 3400RF Receiver not working
Hello, I just wondered if someone can point me in the right direction.

my receiver doesn't seem to work.

I bought the one recommended:

Ive checked the wiring a few times now, I can see its powered, (5v at the pins) I've tried swapping the data pins with the receiver ( and the hardware.conf to match ) I can send signals both data pin configurations but I don't seem to be able to receive in any of the configurations.

Ive put a LED between ground and data on the sender and another one on the receiver, it lights on the sender, showing activity, but not on the receiver (I'm using the bye bye standby remote at less than 10cm distance, I can see my bbsb plug switching so I know its sending something)

I'm running pilight-debug (no pilight daemon ) or pilight-receive (with pilight daemon) and I dont get anything.

Is my receiver faulty ?
Does anyone have a suggestion on what I should try ?
I've ordered the filter kit, but somehow I don't think its the issue.

Thanks in advance !
Check the output of pilight-raw. If that doesn't produce any (different) signal when pushing a button on a remove, then it's indeed faulty.
I tried pilight-raw and I did not get any signal at all.
I guess I just need to get a replacement... Thanks a lot for your help !

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