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Easyhome GT-FSI-07
i have bought some "self learning" wireless socket (Globaltronics GT-FSI-07/GT-9000), but i have following problem:
first i used this tutorial to install pilight: link
after i started (sudo pilight-daemon) and turned on the receiver (pilight-receive) i get no code, while pressing the control.

the sockets work with 433.92mhz. i have tested another wirleess control with pilight-receive and there i get some codes. Do you know why i don't receive anything?
this is my receiver and this the manual of my wireless sockets.

thanks in advance
Can you post pilight-debug info for each button?

I've bought this devices too. (Globaltronics GT-FSI-07)

"pilight-Receive" and "pilight-debug" both receive nothing. No Output on Screen.


(pilight-daemon version 5.0, commit v5.0)
I've got this device GT-FSI-07 too. The remote control is called GT-9000 (Aldi, Globaltronics, Tevion....).
But if I send the raw code, nothing happens. Now I've got the raw code of all channels by "pulsing" the buttons. Please see attached textfile.
Any ideas? Best regards Lukas

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.txt   GT-FSI-07_raw_code_all_channels.txt (Size: 5.52 KB / Downloads: 61)
Please read the articles you got in the PM and adapt your post accordingly.
I attached the raw code of all channels in the textfile in my last post.

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