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Aurel 433,92 MHz -111 dBm
Hi all,

I have started this thread since I'm out of ideas, of knowledge and hoping somebody can help me. If not, I will keep trying untill I success in using the Aurel Rx with pilight (or fail completely, which I hopefully will not).

So what am I using, I am using the Aurel RX-4M50FM60SF Receiver from Conrad (http://www.conrad.de/ce/de/product/19030...view1&rb=1, datasheet: http://www.produktinfo.conrad.com/datenb..._en_it.pdf) because of it's hopefully wide range. Why do I use it? I've tried my luck with a noname receiver from Amazon and could receive everything, but unfortunately, within a range of three-four meters only. Since I want to use window contact sensors as well (but not having a Pi only for that in each room), I've tried my luck with that one. Also people say that Aurel is pretty good (and some people also get really great ranges also with noname receivers... never mind).

I have soldered the Rx to an own board to test it and disconneted all other equipment from Pi so nothing can disturb Smile
[Image: aurel.png]
I connected a 22kOhm resistor to pin 13 and GND, but had maybe a bit less noise only. Then tried with a bigger one, 680kOhm, and now I get interresting things. I still can't receive anything with it Wink but now I have an interesting output in pilight-raw:

1) powering on the Rx:
433gpio: 18273702
433gpio: 1166
433gpio: 125
433gpio: 1086
433gpio: 4092
433gpio: 1793
433gpio: 356
433gpio: 99
433gpio: 152
433gpio: 1445
433gpio: 7918
433gpio: 2030

2) powering off the Rx:
433gpio: 16416175
433gpio: 36180
433gpio: 66956
433gpio: 30432
433gpio: 13280
433gpio: 287
433gpio: 126
433gpio: 145
433gpio: 656
433gpio: 200
433gpio: 228
433gpio: 203
433gpio: 179
433gpio: 600
433gpio: 685
433gpio: 6964
433gpio: 21120
433gpio: 23025111

So next step would be to experiment with different resistors, will get maybe starting from 50 kOhm and going up by 50 kOhm until I get something working...

As I told, any help or suggestion is highly appreciated Smile since this electronics stuff is really new for me (and my last lession in electronics was about 10 years ago...)

i just awnserd your question in this post:

Hope it helps.

Did you also connect the resistor tot one of the gnd pins of the raspberry?
OK, I am really desperate now since nothing is really working as it should, despite spending lots of money for good equipment. So I will just post the current status in case anybody has got an idea, otherwise this topic can be closed.

The no-name Amazon receiver receives good data in the range of three-four meters with and without the BPF. The Aurel receiver is receiving tons of noise (despite any resistors) without the BPF, with the BPF it is receiving basically nothing (or big numbers, but no protocolls, if I hold the sender directly on the antenna).

The Aurel receiver is a bit better than the one posted in the Wiki (it has a higher sensivity), so it is very strange that this is not working. My problem is that I would highly like to avoid buying various receivers hoping one would have a good range. I know this is kind of trial and error, but I am also reading about lots of people where the receiver gets signals thru two floors ...

Anybody who has an idea, please feel free to post..

Br, D.
I have a bucket full of receiver i tested in the last two years. Whenever i see find new ones, i buy and test them. This resulted in the advice i'm giving and in the receiver i sell. It's just the best bang for the buck. The money i have spent on this came from all donation i received and so you users don't have to do the same. I can't do anything more then just pleading to just follow that advice and buy the receiver i am recommending.
Maybe you should also post the bad ones in the Wiki, meaning not working or making trouble, for noobs like me
Everyone with a forum account can edit the wiki.
I have added the corresponding entry to the Wiki. Maybe this will help somebody.

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