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[Supported] Alecto WS4500 / WS3500 | Ventus W177
It seems that there are different Alecto protocols.
pilight already has one which was based on the auriol v20 protocol according to wiki.
I have a Alecto WS-4500 which does not work properly with the pilight alecto protocol.
Done some searching and came across the nodo domotica site which has implemented 3 different types of protocols for various alecto weatherstations. (google for "nodo weerstation")
Maybe we could make use of these plugins which are already written in c.
If you can convert them to pilight protocols that would be great.
I've just found a Alecto WS-4500 look-a-like.. The Balance RF-WS105.
No specific protocol info found under that name.

I'm not sure how to create a new protocol. I'm now using the installation according to the 'getting started' section. I've read the section on creating a new protocol. I think the files mentioned should come from de dev branch of git. But that's all i know..
Is there more documentation on how to run the dev-version and creating new protocols/functionality? I can create a text file with the new protocol but how do i compile, etc?
Please just provide the information asks in this sticky:
ok, i will try and create the raw outputs. But you suggested me to create the new protocol based on the nodo documents.
Either is fine with me, but if i'm going to create the protocol i need more input on how to do it. Maybe someone can adjust the development part to the more pilight-noob people?

Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9300 met Tapatalk
What did you already try? Although protocol development isn't that hard, you do need some ( C ) programming skills. Letting every noob create protocols is essentially explaining C to everyone. That's not what i'm planning to do :p
Created some raw outputs and put them in Excel.. Even bargraphs on second tab.
It seems i receive 2 types of packets. And this matches the Auriol protocol description.

I think the bit patterns of the top graph are identical. Maybe the top graph shows the rain gauge (49.5mm) and the bottom graph shows the windspeed and direction data. so maybe the temp/hum data hasnt been collected.
Can you link the Auriol protocol description so i can have a look?
Also, can you make a horizontal rows with the raw data parsed into 0's and 1's so we get rows of a fixed length we can compare.

i hope i get to generate more test data tonight.
Requested layout:
On tab3 the Green marked line = temp/humidity which mathes display through Auriol protocol.
On tab3 the Blue marked lines are the wind speed and direction packets as described in auriol protocol.
On tab 3 the Yellow line do not seem to be temp/humidty or rain according to auriol protocol.
seems like temperature/humidity somehow is not seen as frequently as wind packets.

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