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[Supported] Alecto WS4500 / WS3500 | Ventus W177
for temp/hum packets bit 9&10 should be 00 or 01 or 10 (thus not 11) packet repeated 6 times in burst.
for average windspeed packet bit 9&10 should be 11. bit 12-23 should be 100000000000
for winddirection and gust packet bit 9&10 should be 11 bit 12-14 should be 111.
above 2 packet types are sent 3 times. thus 6 packets total. (wind avg-winddir-windavg-winddir etc)
for rain packet bit 9-15 should be 1101100. (bit 16-31 total rain in 0.25mm. bit 16 lsb) not tested. this packet is sent 7 times in a burst.

i'm really off to bed now
I think pilight will just record all these single packages. So the values are not updated at once but step by step.
Thank you. That last post helpes me understand how pilight handles the bursts. It will split the burst into packets before being handled by a protocol.

Do you still want me to write the python script? I might have some time this evening.
Yes, let's continue to something i can create a protocol of more easy.
ok. i hope i get to it tonight. do you have more examples?
Of what? Protocols?
yes. it id easier to copy and modify than to make up out of nothing
I dont have time tonight to program anything. But i've compared the current pilight alecto protocol to the nodo alecto protocols.
Do you know of anyone for whom the pilight alecto protocol is working? It does not seem to match any of the three alecto protocols of nodo.
The nodo protocols are already written in c.. So i think we only need to adjust them so it matches pilight.
Maybe it would be a good idea if we ask the nodo guys if we can use their code. Seems like the proper thing to do.
Code for these (and other) protocols is already available.
Do you want me to start the code from scratch or would you like to reuse the nodo code?
Isn't nodo software open source licensed? Then you just can use it. About Alecto.

About people using it: http://forum.pilight.org/Thread-Supporte...50#pid1350

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