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Low-profile PCB design
I am interested in the PCB only.
Is this thread still alive and if so: can we order the PCB somewhere?
Still wip.
I improve the board for the Raspi B+ and Raspi 2. The following things I added:
The transmitter is powered by 10V by a voltage doubler. A resistor (pull up) on pin 7 (GPIO7) for a DHT22. A LED at pin 40 (GPIO29) and screw terminals for all GPIOs that are free. Also I added a hole pitch area for experimenting. My prototype has the transmitter on the top side. It must change to the bottom. Here it is:

[Image: Schield-Sch.png]
[Image: Schield_02.png]
[Image: Schield_01.png]
[Image: Prototyp-Shield.jpg]

Kersten Tams
Very nice job! I would eventually suggest an option to disable the voltage doubler circuit because some transmitters work only with 3.3-5 V supply, and a bypass 100 nF ceramic capacitor directly on the tx power pins.
[Image: Duck_Emoticon_by_ceethree.gif]
thank you for your reply.
I added a SMD jumper and a capacitor.
Kersten Tams
From now on, any comments about the pilight PCB can be posted in the dedicated PCB thread:

@troccolo, can you move yours.

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