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control sockets with pilight (broken remote)
Hi there
First - thank you for this great work (pilight)!

I've got the same Switches. I can confirm: The switch (in learning mode) goes on with these raw codes.

You suggested to mistera "Check what protocol is represented by the raw codes"
I think he was not able to understand what you ment. I'm also confused how to do that because i'am a newbie. But i'm very interested in this, because i have 4 of these switches in home.

Please explain me in detail how to do that.Wink or simply which protocol i should use in WebGUI

Thank you in advance
more than 66 views - but nobody seems able to help :-(

[Image: BA RCB_A_3600.jpg]

has anyone got pilight working (over WebGUI) with these switches?
Use pilight-debug and/or pilight-receive. Read this post for more info.
Thanks a lot for answering.
I'm not familiar with pilight debug - and unfortunately i have only a transmitter, but no receiver module on my raspberry Crying

As you read before, i can only confirm that the switch (in learning mode) goes «on» with these raw code.

I thought there is (maybe) enough information in this post
click me.
but i don't understand dutch...

I will anything do, within the bounds of possibility for me, if you teach me step by step. I would appreciate your help - you are welcome

Greetings from a Switzerland-Newbie
It's pretty impossible to help you when you got a (yet) unsupported device but no receiver.
Quote:It's pretty impossible to help you when you got a (yet) unsupported device but no receiver.

So i do not have the required receiver, mistera does only have a broken remote control and the mentioned post, dated Sept 2013, is quite not the newest one. And maybe «BenPi»
is no longer interested in this and can't help with his assistance.

Hard luck! Crying

nonetheless thank you guys
Solved: I bought a receiver-module and did what curlymo / meloen said to mistera. The «quigg_gt7000» protocol does the job in a great manner.

root@raspiplus:/home/pi# pilight-send -p raw -c "885 1180 590 590 1475 1180 590 1475 590 590 1475 590 1475 590 1475 590 1475 590 1475 590 1475 590 1475 590 1475 590 1475 1180 590 590 1475 1180 885 590 1475 590 1475 590 1475 590 1475 81125"

        "message": {
                "id": 2816,
                "unit": 3,
                "state": "on"
        "origin": "receiver",
        "protocol": "quigg_gt7000",
        "uuid": "0000-b8-27-eb-30047f",
        "repeats": 1

Thanks to all for help

PS: I've updated the Supported devices - section in the wiki also

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