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pilight without internet connection
I plan to use pilight without an internet connection because not needed for my project.

That a network-connection is needed to get access to the webgui with laptop and smartphone is understandable but is a "real" network needed or is it enough to configure the raspberry as accesspoint with dhcp and no cable wired?
Not sure. I need at least a configured network device for UUID generation.
I will give that a try tonight and post the result,
My bearded dragons dont have a facebook account Wink
Configure the network adapter and assign a static ethernet address, do not forget the loopback adapter.
There is no need for DHCP and a physical cable.
I am currently running pilight without a internet connection.the pi is connected to a wifi network.
I use a android phone as remote. the phone gets it time from the gps.
The pi gets its time from the android phone running a ntp server.

but in pilight the ntp is not working. i guess that pilight needs an internet connection to lookup the gps coordinates for the time zone.
currently i run a cronjob to toggle swithes. however it would be easyer to use the build in date&time system. 

is it posible to fix this.
Can i tell pilight to use the system time. or manualy set the time zone?
Could I download the date&time database and run it on a webserver inside the network. and change the hosts file to redirect pilight to the internal webserver. 

Kind regards.
So the problem is that the pi does not contain a built in "date & time system"
Lets call it RTC or 'real time clock' in future ;-)
There is only a fake running which synchronizes at boot.

You can add an optional RTC Module to your pi.

An example: LINK

This should work.
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