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[Done] pilight eventing - dimming step by step
It would be great to dim step by step like

IF ... THEN dim DEVICE dimmer UP 1 (2,3,..)
IF ... THEN dim DEVICE dimmer DOWN 1 (2,3,..)

Edit 2015-02-11:
corrected to the rule-format which works.
Thank you Niek!
I made a modified version of the dim action, that supports TO, UP and DOWN.

@terrar thanks a lot for testing!

Attached tutorial describes the usage and installation of this modified dim action.

Attached Files
.pdf   dim-action-tutorial-v1.pdf (Size: 49.3 KB / Downloads: 19)
Question to the modified dim.so:

Am i able to copy the dim.so to other systems or do i have to compilie it on every system i want to have?
If these systems are running the same build version of pilight, you should be able to copy the dim.so. If they are different, the .so might still work, but I think it is then safer to compile it again on those systems.

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