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Quigg GT-1000
Can you update the protocol to the latest dev version and do a pull-request? I would also opt for removing the repeat parameter because i have some other idea's with it Smile
Git and github is not my daily cup of tea. So you do need to tell me in more detail what I should do. In any case: I removed already the repeat option.
Read about creating a clone and then doing a pull request. That's how it works.

1. Clone pilight
2. Commit your new protocol into a new branch in a single commit.
3. Create a pull request to official pilight repository.
Do pilight uses the Fork& pull model?
See: https://help.github.com/articles/using-pull-requests/
Yes, just test it on your own repositories first Smile
Can't compile :-(
due to:
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:87 (message):
Looking for libunwind - not found

Don know how to solve. Apparently libz is replaced by libunwind??
Read the pilight.org nightly pages.
Oke, I tried a few things, but due to the lack of libunwind on a RaspberryPi I could only test with the latest master. It works and I committed all files that were changed in this process.

But while I'm writing this I assume that is not what I should do. I only have to clone (make a copy of) the latest development and commit only the 2 protocol files into a new subbranch without testing if it is running in the latest development (because I can't due to ...)
Let me know if that is what you want and I'll do it. And disregard my current pull request.
As i said, all info to install the nightly can be found on the nightly page on the pilight website. If something is unclear, let me know.
Well, I could clone the latest development, but then I get a version of the CMakeLists file that needs the libunwind library. This library is however not available for Debian Wheezy. And here I get stuck. I don't know how to clone a development branch with a different CMakeLists file. I do read that I also should enable the pilight stable apt repository, but that seems to deal with installing nightlies. And that is not what I want, I want a manual compilation, and afterwards re-enable my own environment.

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