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Quigg GT-1000
Yes, I can and will do that. Will try to do this in the next few weeks.
Hi all, I'm trying to control Lidl outlets and in that thread RinusW states that it's almost certainly compatible with the Quigg GT-1000 protocol discussed here.
Was this protocol eventually implemented to pilight?

Hi Pilighters,

Thanks for this thread, with all the info here I could add support for code group 0 which is the group of my Lidl set.
Attached the quigg_gt1000.c with the changes, it compiles and works for me. I created a pull request to merge these changes in to the development branch. In the review comments CurlyMo asked me if anyone could verify. Is there someone on this forum that happens to have group 0 switches that is able to test it?


P.s. The attachment of files seems the be broken in the forum. Let me know if someone can test, I'll email it or you can merge the changes from here.
For information:

The socket switch Globaltronics (ALDI) model GT-FSA-04 (the black ones IP44) work with quigg_gt1000 protocol.

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