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Generic Dimmer
Is it possible to add a feature to the generic_dimmer?

If the generic_dimmer is present in the GUI it shows the dimlevel and on/off button.
What I would like to have is an optional setting to disable the on/off button so that only the slider is showed (and can be used) in the GUI.

"onoffbutton":, 0
The reason why I would like this feature is for the following use:
I'm (ab)using the dimmer protocol for my thermostat in the following way:

"thermostaataan": {
                        "rule": "IF temperatuur.temperature < thermostaat.dimlevel THEN switch DEVICE relais TO on",
                        "active": 1
                "thermostaatuit": {
                        "rule": "IF temperatuur.temperature > thermostaat.dimlevel THEN switch DEVICE relais TO off",
                        "active": 1

The thermostat dimmer is always on, while the relay/heater is on or off based on the room temperature. I've added the relay state as a read-only element in the GUI so I can see if the heater on or off. That's why the on/off button has no use at all.

[Image: 2015-01-22_195928.th.png]

I'm also thinking of adding some 'scenes' that can be controlled by the dimmer.
Like adding a dimmer with 4 dimlevels.
Level 1 : All lights on full brightness
Level 2 : Home Cinema : All lights off, All ledstrips on / Heating on 22C
Level 3 : Smooth : All dimmable lights on and all dimlevels 5
Level 4 : Go to bed : Bedheating on / Bedlights on / Heating off

This way it's easy to send a number to the ruleset and making it possible with a single GUI element to control the rules.
pilight-send do not control limits defined in config.json

If you place limits in the dimmer example between 1 and 8 , pilight only reacts in 11 as invalid.

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