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EnerGenie EG-PMS2 powerstrip with USB
We got a EnerGenie EG-PMS2 power strip a while ago, and using the sispmctl tool (Sourceforge), it can be connected and switched from the Raspberry Pi. Would it be possible to create a protocol to integrate this into the pilight webgui? It could use the sispm backend to control the device, but being able to control it from the pilight GUI would be very useful. I think I saw something like this in pimatic, but it would be nice to have it in pilight without the need for an extra application on top of pilight application.

Currently, sispm works with a basic webgui or terminal commands like these
sudo sispmctl -o 1
To turn socket 1 (out of 4 sockets in case of the above model) to On

sudo sispmctl -f 1
To turn socket 1 to Off

sudo sispmctl -t 1
To toggle socket 1

You can also use option -g to parse the state of a socket, which might be useful at startup.

Using the program protocol program directly does not work, I tested that a while ago, this is mainly because of the PID checking, sispmctl exits after running the command.
Basically, what I think is needed is a modified program protocol that does not check on the PID and such, instead it just constructs and runs a command like the ones above, with configuration similar to the generic switch or so where you do not have to enter the full command but only the socket number (and possibly the SiS PM device in case there are several connected ones).

Can you post according to the protocol forum readme? Thanks!
Sorry Unsure
As there are lots of USB power strips supported by sispmctl, I don't need to list the type numbers of all the supported ones, do I? Information about the device in question is already there or do you need to know more about it?
Could you just give a quick heads-up on what I missed, thanks Smile


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