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Intertechno ITR-1500 (Model PER-1500)

That branch contains all bugfixes for the pilight nightly, plus the modifications for arctech_switch protocol.
(not yet for arctech_dimmer, _contact and so on).
Doing so it is ensured that we both use the same source.

As the config.json file is still different you do need to edit that manually after compile ! Please ensure that no pilight instance is active while you are editing config.json !
Are there any news ?
Sorry for the longer delay.

I tried to get it working using the latest ITT_1500 nightly.

I also have changed my config to resend only four times but unfortunately without any success.

About the config I do have a question: I only have ONE config file left in /etc/pilight as it seems that the hardware config has been integrated into the config.json file, correct?

Here's my current config.json:
        "devices": {},
        "rules": {},
        "gui": {},
        "settings": {
                "log-level": 4,
                "pid-file": "/var/run/pilight.pid",
                "log-file": "/var/log/pilight.log",
                "send-repeats": 4,
                "receive-repeats": 1,
                "webserver-enable": 1,
                "webserver-root": "/usr/local/share/pilight/",
                "webserver-port": 5001,
                "webserver-cache": 1,
                "firmware-update": 0
        "hardware": {
                "433gpio": {
                        "sender": 0,
                        "receiver": 1
        "registry": {
                "pilight": {
                        "version": {
                                "current": "5.0"

Here's the output of pilight-daemon -D for the following three scenarios:
So I just went on and bought a different transmitter (as you questioned that my transmitter is working correctly) to give this a try.
I bought this one: 1312V1.02 The pic on the Amazon page shows a different number but the one I got is having 1312V1.02 printed on top.

Same result (same output) as with the old transmitter: I do not get the Intertechno plugs being switched on and off.

As you proposed I unlearned them first with the remote and try to learn it with the raw command - but it didn't do so. It is only reacting to the remote.

I could go and buy another receiver - just in case the current one is not monitoring correctly - but then I ask myself why your setup is working, as for switching the plug on and of the receiver wouldn't be needed...

I also don't think my wiring is faulty - if it were, I would't receive anything with the receiver when sending commands via the transmitter, or?

Don't know, what to try out next. Crying
I do not think that the receiver is faulty. The information received looks okay.
For transmitting data three main scenarios are possible:
1. The Transmitter is faulty (you got a new one, both defective - i do not think so)
2. The GPIO pin is faulty
3. The wiring is faulty (you checked it multiple times, i think the wiring is okay)

You can try using a different GPIO pin and change the setting in the 433gpio section for sender accordingly (i fried my GPIO 17 output some time ago and so i moved the sender to GPIO 21 - thus i had to change in the config.json file "sender: 0" to "sender: 2").

To find out for sure you do need to measure the hardware pulses with proper equipment.
Just to be sure it is not the GPIOs I did a simple test:

I rebuild this simple example: Switching a single LED via GPIO.

Works like a charm.

I also ran it for other pins (0 - 5) - LED switches on and off. So GPIOs are fine.

So I'm thinking of wiring the transmitter to one Raspi and the receiver to another. Running pilight-send on the one and pilight-receive on the other should show that the transmitter is working correctly (or not).

Or do you have another idea how I can check the functionality of the transmitter?

This would take a while as I would lend out a Raspi from a friend.
That is possible, but make sure that the Raspi's are not on the same network (otherwise the 1st Pi runs as a server the 2nd one as a client.

Another method is to use the soundcard and SWR software.
I successfully used pilight with IT-1500 / ITR-1500, you may find my tutorial usefull:

hey all,

is it possible to set an delay after sending any command for intertechno (or other programmable) switches?
Sometimes I unforuntately program one switch on the wrong command wihtout purpose, because the will learn on every code the get within 15 seconds after switching on...

Thanks for your advices.

Greets motmo
Not sure if i understand the issue.
(01-04-2020, 09:01 PM)curlymo Wrote: Not sure if i understand the issue.

It's not a pilight issue, I just try to solve (in my opinion) an design error of intertechno.
Because there is no option to set an "no more signals accepted" in the switches.

So I try to clarify for you.

1 Switch for multiple sockets which includes 2 seperate swiches for devices I just need sometime
1 switch for a living room light seperated from all above

If the switch for the multiple socket is switched on, and within the next 15 seconds the light is also switched on, then the 2 switches will listen from now on also on the light signal, which is not planned.

So i thought about an delay, to prevent these unwanted new programing of the 2 switches.

Hope this clarifies the problem

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