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Remotes and Eventing Rules
Hi there,
I've been away sometime and still use pilight version 3.0
Besides the pilight-daemon to control the lights I have written some cron, bash and php scripts to do all sort of things, for instance the catching of key pressed on a remote to control lights, scenes and other things.

What I read about the coming eventing / rules system caught my attention. This looks promising and will be a great extension to pilight!

I'm wondering if this is also a step to configure remote's so in a rule you can say:
IF remote.kaku.switch.1 pressed THEN do_this_or_that ..
If so (and with everything I have already read about the possibilities of these eventing / rules system) I can (at last) get rid off all my handmade scripts!! Smile

Can anyone enlighten me about the path this is going to?

Thanks in advance!
Yes you can.
(01-26-2015, 02:16 PM)curlymo Wrote: Yes you can.
Well that is great!
Can you give me a peak inside on how the configuration of a "remote" (is going to) look(s) like in the config file? Or point me to information already in the wiki (I must have missed it).

Can't wait to upgrade to the version with the eventing / rules system!!

Thanks again for your great work!
Please check the frontpage nightly tab.
(01-26-2015, 02:34 PM)curlymo Wrote: Please check the frontpage nightly tab.
As usually it's all there Smile You just have to know how to find it!

Thanks again. Will keep a sharp lookout to a release date for all these goodies!

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