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piScheduler -- A pilight extension for the daily switch plan
Thanks i will mail you tomorrow.

But my Job in the "Wohnung.ini" will load then i stop piScheduler and Start again. Then will task the Jobs.

Another error is the log-files. piScheduler is installed in /root/piScheduler/ But piScheduler search log files at /home/pi/piScheduler/DAY.log

It is better to move piScheduler to the /home/pi/ dir?
Could please use the mail address I posted before .. tomorrow (and the next days) will be problematic for me ...
I fixed a small bug in piScheduler. Since pilight-nightly (I detect the bug in pilight v6.0-178-g8453cdb) the variable for webserver port was changed from "webserver-port" to "webserver-http-port"

For more infos show here on GitHub pilight-development GitHub

I have add a commit with this change on GitHub in piScheduler. Show here GitHub piScheduler

Actually i run pilight version
pilight-daemon version v7.0-27-g99be073

But piScheduler says me permanently the config.json file not found. But the file is already located at

Have you any idea
Maybe you found another situation why I'm reworking the logs already.
Looking into the code, the message isn't complete. It's thrown with an exception, but the reason could be -- as you see -- 'not found', but also a problem with JSON notification. Sorry.

Please check the JSON validity of the file '/etc/pilight/config.json'
The file was already checked of JSON validate.
In the last pilght7 nightlys the API Control was chnaged!

The this Thread:

same here,

no config.json found in /etc/pilight. the file is there and pilight is working.

+++  piDiscover ** pilight 'prefs' file  >>/etc/pilight/config.json<<  not found!
  **** piSchedule error with server/port
['XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX', 'XXXXX', "  'pilight prefs' file not found!"]

pilight-daemon version v7.0
Please note current version of piSchedule works with pilight version 6.0.

An update is under work. Sorry
(07-28-2015, 11:35 AM)gneandr Wrote: Please note current version of piSchedule works with pilight version 6.0.

An update is under work. Sorry

Thank you for the answer and your work on this gneandr.

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