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piScheduler -- A pilight extension for the daily switch plan
piSchedule vers. 0.7 is here!

The new version's focus is to support pilight vers.6.0 and 7.0 (Note: support of 7.0 Nightly not yet implemented!) with some important improvements for the usability.

A main new feature is the use of "service" to start/stop piSchedule: That way the previous setup with tmux isn't required anymore. piSchedule starts with Raspberry powering up, that way piSchedule got an automatic restart after a power failure also! A previous used day schedule (.ini file) will be re-activated also.

The piSchedule WEB-GUI has some minor reorganizations of the menu structure in the hope to support better the day-to-day use.

Due to some time restrictions not the complete documentation has been updated for the new piSchedule vers.0.7, but both "Overview" pages (DE and EN) give the necessary details for a start. Also the installation and update page are available.

piSchedule vers.0.7 can be installed parallel to any previous version because it uses a different directory structure and different network port.


For more information see the Overview page:
DE version and EN version

Also see here for

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