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Elro Switch Variations
Hi All,

I need your input about the Elro switches. According to Elro website they only have two series Home Easy and Home Control. But according to our users we have three different series:
- HomeEasy Normal and Advanced.
- HomeControl

I'm wondering how we can refer to them the best we can. As far as I understand the HomeEasy Advanced offers no real benefits over the Normal, so the Advanced could be misplaced. The question therefor is: how should we label the different Elro variants?

An idea could be:
- elro_he_v1 / elro_he_v2
- elro_hc_switch_v1

But I prefer to use the type numbers. E.g.:
- elro_8xx_switch
- elro_75x_switch

In the case of the latter, can people tell me what device type numbers are supported by what Elro device?

This should of course also apply of to be implemented elro variants.

Looking back at all threads i noticed the following logic:
- elro_he seems compatible with the 800 range.
- elro_hc seems compatible with the 400 range.
- elro_ad seems compatible with the 300 range.

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