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[Done] Weather decimals setting (GUI)
The GUI "decimals" setting applies to all values shown in the GUI for the Openweathermap.
Where this is useful for temperature and humidity, it's not for sunrise and sunset. I would suggest a modification (in a future pilight version), so these two are always in hh.mm format even when "decimals" specifies a different number of decimals.
Offtopic, @Niek, don't you like to become a moderator / developer for pilight. Doing more great additions, helping users, moving posts around, repeating 1000 times to use code tags and such Wink

I appreciate your trust in me.
Surely I am prepared to help the pilight community, but if that means that I will become an official moderator/programmer depends on the obligations that brings.
I will not always be able to follow the posts on the forum, or solve issues. Over the year there will be several periods of a few weeks that I will be absent. By the way that was the reason for me to start using pilight eventing Smile
We'll just see were it goes Smile
Decimals are differentiated in the latest nightly.

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